Professional portraits

Design your homepage with emotional portraits that express your connection to your business and values!

Images that inspire

Visible uniqueness
of your company

Emotional portraits that express your connection to your business and values!

Inspire prospects with fascinating and profound images. With the right images, you can tell your story without losing a single word.



Communicate emotions

Inspire, philosophy, build a bond

Tell stories

Pictures say more than 1000 words. Already when browsing customers immediately grasp the spirit of the company

Unique images

No stock images, authentic, real, fitting

Planning and process of a


In an initial personal meeting, we find out what connects your unique personality with your company, your values, your unique selling proposition. Until the photo session, I develop ideas on how everything can be optimally implemented photographically and conveyed to the customer.

The photo session then takes place in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with lots of fun.

This creates emotional, very personal images and customers feel the deep connection and enthusiasm that you and your employees have with your company.

For you personally as an entrepreneur or together with your team. As individual portraits and group portraits.



Every person and every encounter is unique and special.

My special ability in portrait photography is to make the connection to oneself, the identity, the values, the profession, the vocation visible and tangible. In an atmosphere of mindfulness, intuition and taking time, clients feel comfortable and can open up to come out of themselves and show their uniqueness.

This way, people become personalities. People guided into their shine and glow.


What my customers say

Already at the first meeting I felt very comfortable, so that also the photo shoot, which took place at a later date, was relaxed and very pleasant.

Alexander took the time to visit me in the studio beforehand to get a feel for me and my work as an artist and to discuss my wishes and ideas.

I am very happy with the result and very beautiful and atmospheric images were created, which wonderfully captured me and my work in the studio. These now enhance the book “Coffee Art Acryl Abstract” and complement the art book in a perfect way. A big thank you for Your professional and pleasant cooperation!

Sylvia Neulichedl

Artist, Gargazon

I was thrilled with your professional appearance at the photo shoot at our company. It was a uniquely relaxed, professional and emotional affair and I really enjoyed it.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and can recommend you one hundred percent to any company that needs professional and emotional images for its website or brochures. Also the preparation of the photos – simply wonderful.

I will also invite you again, I still need you for more studio photos. So I am very enthusiastic – absolutely top class!

Peter Tribus

Naturafit, Lana

Working with Alexander was great! I don’t usually move so freely in front of the camera, it’s hard for me to switch off or even enjoy being photographed.

But Alexander has the gift of making a photo shoot an absolutely relaxed affair. I have never experienced this ability with any other photographer.

We talked, joked, laughed together and came up with beautiful pictures that show me exactly as I am – so perfect for my website!

Thank you Alexander, I am very happy that I could publish pictures of you on my website!

Silke Schönweger


The planning and the shootings went smoothly and very pleasantly thanks to your friendly, professional and relaxed manner. You were always committed to giving us helpful tips and tricks for the poses and for the staging in front of the camera. With your constructive support, professionally realised pictures were created. We felt very comfortable during the shootings. Your open and warm disposition contributed to a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We had a lot of fun working together in front of and behind the camera. We are extremely satisfied with the results of the photo shoots and recommend you wholeheartedly.

Martha Erlacher

Mind Concept Erlacher, Eppan

We would like to thank you for your very special way of photographing.
Not only are your photos a very special “work of art”, but your relaxed atmosphere while taking pictures was a great new experience for us.

Many thanks for that. In one word, you are “GREAT”

Zita Gruber

Naturafit, Lana

Not only the pictures, but the whole shoot was great.

You came to my office in a very good mood and when you told me to sit down calmly, I was it, from the first moment.

From the usual rigid shootings that are offered, it became a fun shoot with you. Your way of making me laugh or think was terrific and the result was authentic pictures that show Sabine the way she really is, with her quirks and advantages.

I immediately liked the pictures and used them and the feedback was great, which also made me smile and be proud at times.

What was actually still extremely noticeable when I fetched my distrustful dog Jeko to take some photos with him, has turned from a nervous and jittery dog into a calm model who felt comfortable in all situations. You can see it in the photos.

Animals don’t lie, and if they feel comfortable in an environment, it means to me that you, dear Alexander, are good with creatures of all kinds, and I appreciate that about you.

There will certainly be other photos to follow, because your success is also my success.

Sabine Gruber

Versicherungsbüro Sabine Gruber, Meran

Every person and every encounter is unique and special.

Alexander Schechinger

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