Xander Luchs

My passion are unique portraits, extraordinary
atmospheric images and photo paintings

In the beginning there was the spirit of discovery

Alexander Schechinger

About me

The World of Xander Luchs Photography

Since my childhood I have loved to discover the world for myself and to express myself through photography. I let myself be guided by my intuition and surrender to the moment that comes to me and my camera.

The situation, energy and special mood captured in this way becomes a light-painting surprise for me through image processing, which becomes an experience through printing on high-quality papers. This spirit of discovery is my inner drive, which makes my profession my vocation.

I show the client’s special energy and connect him with his individual personality.

I love the diversity and uniqueness of people and photograph extraordinary portraits that turn people into personalities and make people shine. I show the client’s special energy and connect him with his individual personality.

In workshops I lead participants on a journey of discovery to themselves and their unique and special vision.

In my studio Sehgespräch, I show the works printed on high-quality papers, which are reminiscent of drawings and paintings from the time of analogue photography and the fine arts of earlier eras.

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Look forward to a unique experience. Together we look behind the scenes and find out what makes a great picture.

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Whether private or for your business, the right picture says more a thousand Words.

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My studio

Visit me in my studio Sehgespräch. You can look at the various works of art and let them have an effect on you.

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For companies

Are you interested in photographic art for your (corporate) spaces?
My images can be purchased as an exhibition, also in large formats and in fit with your corporate brand and philosophy.

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