Images that inspire

Visible uniqueness
and individuality

As a photographer I am an explorer and the intuitive, holistic grasp of people, situations and contexts is my great skill and passion.

And I love working with people and making their connections to themselves, to other people and to what you love visible.

With mindfulness, intuition and taking your time, I create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and can open up to let yourself go and show your uniqueness.

This way, people become personalities. People are guided into their radiance and glow.



Communicate emotions

Inspire, philosophy, build a bond

Tell stories

Pictures say more than 1000 words. Already when browsing customers immediately grasp the spirit of the company

Unique images

No stock images, authentic, real, fitting

Planning and process of a


In an initial personal meeting, we find out what connects your unique personality with your company, your values, your unique selling proposition. Until the photo session, I develop ideas on how everything can be optimally implemented photographically and conveyed to the customer.

The photo session then takes place in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with lots of fun.

This creates emotional, very personal images and customers feel the deep connection and enthusiasm that you and your employees have with your company.

For you personally as an entrepreneur or together with your team. As individual portraits and group portraits.



Every person and every encounter is unique and special.

My special ability in portrait photography is to make the connection to oneself, the identity, the values, the profession, the vocation visible and tangible. In an atmosphere of mindfulness, intuition and taking time, clients feel comfortable and can open up to come out of themselves and show their uniqueness.

This way, people become personalities. People guided into their shine and glow.


What my customers say

Amazing, Alexander, how you have captured our Claudia so beautifully. Beautiful and yet unique..Congratulations on this beautiful work

Astrid Schönweger


Compliments to the great photographer and the pretty model. Super photos, they are very beautiful.

Valeria Burger


Dear Alexander, thank you for these wonderful moments.

Claudia Calenzani


Very beautiful photos… authentic and a bit playful… these photos show you as you really are… big compliments to Alexander

Judith Bonfanti


Top photos…congratulations for the beautiful shots

Johann Burger


Wow, I’m already ordering a photo session for my family.

Hannes Loacker


Very very beautiful….. wow

Tobias Thaler


Every person and every encounter is unique and special.

Alexander Schechinger

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