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On a mountain tour to the Hochvogel in the Allgäu region, I was climbing, lost in thought, when my gaze was magically drawn to an animal standing in the distance. On closer inspection, I discover a chamois standing as if painted on a rock.

I am walking all alone and very carefully pick up my camera to take a safety shot. I repeat this again and again as I carefully move on so as not to frighten the animal. Then finally I notice the cloud, which on closer inspection is shaped like an ibex. It is still offset from the chamois in the sky. I get closer and closer until the cloud is right behind the chamois. The animal stands quietly in one spot and as if she had only been waiting for me and my camera, she slowly lifts her foot. At this moment I manage to take this unique shot that captures two elements that come into contact with each other and fluidly begin to relate to each other. This situation is representative of my work as a photographer.

I set out on the path and the motifs find me. I love to be surprised by what I encounter. My eye reacts intuitively, I grasp the motif and through my way of perception, surprising images emerge that bring structures fluidly into motion, as a form of the 4th dimension.

Even during further processing on the computer, I let myself be surprised by the effect of effects and selected image sections. A realistic representation and a depiction of reality are not important to me. I understand photography in the original sense of the word as “painting with light”. Through my personal interpretation, unique photographic paintings are created.


What my customers say

Thank you for the three photos I looked at them in peace.Very amazing your eye for structures for movements in the details in the sense of dynamics and for underground energies…. want to describe it like that. Whether it is the skin of the man, in which so much whether it is the view into this landscape, which in picture two turns anddirects the gaze to so many things, that has a magicalpower for me, because one notices with what care you make these pictures and prepare them. So a sky also gets a power and it just becomes photography.



Already at the first meeting I felt very comfortable, so that also the photo shoot, which took place at a later date, was relaxed and very pleasant.

Alexander took the time to visit me in the studio beforehand to get a feel for me and my work as an artist and to discuss my wishes and ideas.

I am very happy with the result and very beautiful and atmospheric images were created, which wonderfully captured me and my work in the studio. These now enhance the book “Coffee Art Acryl Abstract” and complement the art book in a perfect way. A big thank you for Your professional and pleasant cooperation!

Sylvia Neulichedl

Artist, Gargazon

Working with Alexander was great! I don’t usually move so freely in front of the camera, it’s hard for me to switch off or even enjoy being photographed.

But Alexander has the gift of making a photo shoot an absolutely relaxed affair. I have never experienced this ability with any other photographer.

We talked, joked, laughed together and came up with beautiful pictures that show me exactly as I am – so perfect for my website!

Thank you Alexander, I am very happy that I could publish pictures of you on my website!

Silke Schönweger


The planning and the shootings went smoothly and very pleasantly thanks to your friendly, professional and relaxed manner. You were always committed to giving us helpful tips and tricks for the poses and for the staging in front of the camera. With your constructive support, professionally realised pictures were created. We felt very comfortable during the shootings. Your open and warm disposition contributed to a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We had a lot of fun working together in front of and behind the camera. We are extremely satisfied with the results of the photo shoots and recommend you wholeheartedly.

Martha Erlacher

Mind Concept Erlacher, Eppan

Amazing, Alexander, how you have captured our Claudia so beautifully. Beautiful and yet unique..Congratulations on this beautiful work



About me

Photography in my life

I live with my wife and daughter in Merano in beautiful South Tyrol, when we are not travelling the world or Europe to feel, experience and capture new moments and dimensions.

I have been taking photographs since my youth, first as a hobby, then in exchange with photographers and filmmakers, and since 2014 professionally as an artist.

In my work I am guided entirely by my intuition and the moments I encounter. My profession as an architect and my training as a therapist for cranio-sacral osteopathy have opened my senses for fine structures and the view behind the obviously perceptible. The basic theme of my photography is the interlocking of forms and structures.

Universal spiritual laws and mythological wisdom have always fascinated and inspired me. These prompt me to examine, sometimes critically, the connections and laws of life, nature, as well as current issues of the day. This gives my paintings a deeper meaning, which often only becomes visible with the elaboration. Through an inner dialogue during viewing, moods arise that can show the viewer stories and deeper connections.

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